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Gian Shaw

Actor / VO / Host / Stunts

The Muscle With A Conscience

The Power To Do What Must Be Done. Words that set the foundation for a code I have lived by since I was a child. Born in the Midwest then raised in California, I carry a certain edge that is engrained in my DNA. Family, above all else. 

Regardless of circumstances, obstacles, or odds, I make sure to do what is right, even if it means breaking an arm or two.


The intensity I showcased growing up as an athlete has been redirected in front of the camera. Typically found kicking ass, whether the camera is rolling or not, incorporating Jiu-Jitsu and Kali martial arts in my creative work. Gaining invaluable connection performing improv at The Second City and Upright Citizens Brigade with the audience, under the assumption that laughing is their only option, if they want to leave in one piece. With an intense code of honor I live by, my collaborators will vouch on the one thing I guarantee: The job will get done by any means necessary...

Gian Shaw - Actor Reel

Gian Shaw - Actor Reel

Gian Shaw - Stunt Reel

Gian Shaw - Firearms Reel


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